Introduction to my History pages


  The information in the flowing pages is information I’ve gathered from various sources.

The intent of these pages is to help explain a little about who we, the Vin Zant’s are and about where we heralded from.


  These pages also contain information on my family line. Starting from my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Elisha Vinzant. Most of which was graciously provided by my second cousin Earline Wasser and her husband Pete who have dedicated the last 30 or more years traveling around North America visiting grave sites and meeting distant relatives.

Thank you, Earline & Pete.


  To the best of my knowledge this information is true. The main purpose of Genealogy is to seek out the historical truth of your family history and in doing so discover your past. Yet there is one thing that I have discovered, is that there is always something new just waiting to be discovered. So while at the time I compiled these pages this information was believed to be the most accurate information at hand, there still may be more truth waiting to be discovered.


If anyone has any new information that would help us discover a new truth please feel free to let me know:

Please feel free too go to the contact page and send me a note.


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